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Billing Engineers, Ahmedabad


Preparation of BOQ, R.A Bills, Client bills and Sub contractor bills. Preparation of Control Estimate & Budget. Managing all cost analysis relating to the projects, from the initial stage to the final closure. Certify progress claims including managing the payments for subcontractors and suppliers including allocating works to subcontractors...

QA/QC Engineers, Ahmedabad

Quality Control

To set up field laboratory and maintain. Checking & Inspection of all site activities based on drawings & specifications. Coordinate with external lab for material testing as and when require. Inspection of all incoming material on site to make sure that incoming material is based on contract specific requirement...

Executives Tender


To study tender documents / drawings. To carry out site surveys to get the detailed information about the site conditions. To float inquiries for bought out items & follow ups with various vendors. To attend pre-bid meetings and interact with client/consultant for clarifying matters relating to tender.

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